Althea’s Reflection on Distance Learning

Althea’s Reflection on Distance Learning
By Althea

(R1) Althea’s Reflection on Distance Learning My learning style is a variation of several styles. I tend to use the same ones whether I am participating in a distance course or a traditional one. There are certain limitations I experience when enrolled in distance learning that I am not faced with in traditional school settings. One things I discovered about myself is that I cannot study in a group. I have to study by myself in a quite environment. A large percent of students I have worked with have no problem studying with others. As a result of my ‘lone ranger’ approach to studying, I am quite comfortable with this aspect of a distance curriculum. I learn most by previewing the activity or material, then going back to it and doing a ‘deep’ reading. During the second phase, I underline, take notes, reason out things, ask questions(nonverbal), draw mental pictures that I can see through my mind’s eyes, and if I have doubts at this point, I seek clarification. For the most part I take distance classes because of the convenience. At one point I enjoyed the anonymity, but I found out there were ways to view classmates photos that are displayed publicly by the universities. I would rather take face to face classes where there is more teacher/student interaction. Distance learning could work better for me if I could get feedback faster, and if I have access to a peer group that work in a collaborative manner. My reason for needing this type of support is that there are times when I do not quite “get it” (understand) from the course content and having some form of resource available would be most beneficial. There is the notion among some students that have not experienced a well planned and robust distance program that this form of learning is easy and requires little input. My experience is the contrary. Because the instructor is not present (physically), I have to take the initiative to get things done. The facilitator is available to offer guidance but the burden is on me as far as time management, and asking for help. In this regard I think I am more challenged as a distance learner.

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